About Us

Thanks for checking us out. Here's a little more about us.

What is FeedBrewer?
We're a multi-platform publishing company that helps bloggers and aspiring authors effortlessly publish and sell content on mobile devices.

Our first endeavor in this space is BookBrewer, which makes it easy for people to publish eBooks and other products on Amazon, Apple, Borders, Barnes and Noble and more. BookBrewer also powers the Borders Get Published service.

By 2012, eBooks are expected to make up as much as $6 Billion of a $20 Billion book market in the U.S. alone. What makes us unique is our intuitive online editing tools. We focus on content that 145 million bloggers and 500 million Facebook users have already published online so that they can edit, organize and publish in a few clicks -- thus greatly minimizing the amount of time needed to get published.

Who is FeedBrewer?
We're a nimble team of three (product, design, development) with 50 years in combined experience in primarily digital content products -- although we also understand print and "analog." Our CEO has a long history in user contributed content products, and once started and ran AOL’s personal home page creation service where he drove the creation of 10 million home pages. Learn more about our lean, mean team.

Where is FeedBrewer?
We all live and work in and around the Boulder, Colorado area. Some of us ski, and more of us hike, but all of us drink microbrewed beer from a number of fine Front Range establishments. (Thus, the real inspiration for our name.)

I Want to Get Involved
We're always looking for people who want to help us achieve our vision for multi-platform publishing, and there are many different ways to help. Feel free to contact our CEO, Dan Pacheco, at dan@feedbrewer.net, or call (303) 945-3827. You can also fill out our contact form.