An Important Message About Borders Get Published

The recent news of Borders' planned liquidation has naturally created some questions for authors who have used our co-branded Borders Get Published Powered by BookBrewer service over the past 8 months.

We want to take the opportunity to reassure users of both Borders Get Published and BookBrewer that your books and customer data are safe and will not be affected by Borders' liquidation.

BookBrewer Wins CrowdPitch award in Denver

Good news from our BookBrewer product team! They were selected to pitch their product at an event in Denver called CrowdPitch. Five companies had 4 minutes each to present their products. At the end, the crowd voted for their favorites and picked BookBrewer. Read more about it on the BookBrewer blog.

FeedBrewer to Present at DEMOgala

FeedBrewer is excited and honored to be chosen to present at CSIA's DEMOgala event on October 7 at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado.

With more than 1,000 attendees, DEMOgala -- an event run by the CSIA -- is the largest technology conference in Colorado. It brings together business and community leaders from across the region to meet and learn from the "who’s who” of technology.

FeedBrewer Dreams Local

We're excited to announce a partnership with Dream Local, a digital services agency run by longtime media entrepreneur and FeedBrewer advisor Stanley Gauss. We will be working in conjunction with Dream Local to give local media companies comprehensive solutions for growing audience and revenue.

BookBrewer in Alpha Testing

On Monday, we began accepting alpha testers to our first "brew" on FeedBrewer. It's an eBook-creation service called BookBrewer. If you joined our alpha testing list here on FeedBrewer you should already have received an invitation to the BookBrewer alpha, but if not please let me (Dan Pacheco) know and I'll hook you up. I can be reached at dan at feedbrewer dot net.

FeedBrewer Donates Equity to Knight Media Innovation Fund, Plans eBook Publishing Feature

(Broomfield, Colo. June 18, 2010) The team that built the open-source Printcasting tools has created a new company, FeedBrewer, Inc., that will expand the democratized print-publishing approach of Printcasting to mobile devices and eReaders. Its first product, BookBrewer, will help online publishers make money from their content by selling it as electronic books. The company will also provide custom development services for companies and non-profits and continue to maintain the free service.

BookBrewer: an e-book publishing service for bloggers

We're considering an idea we call "BookBrewer" that we would like your feedback on -- especially if you're a blogger. If you have a blog, how interested would you be in creating an e-book that could be sold in the Apple iBooks store and on in 5 minutes or less?

FeedBrewer and The Founder Institute

We've been honored by having co-founder and CEO Dan Pacheco admitted to The Founder Institute. The Founder Institute is a prestigious four-month program that will help us fine-tune our ideas in preparation for pitching to investors. It's an intensive program that includes mentoring by successful tech CEOs, and company-building exercises with other new founders in the Denver area.

What's After Printcasting? FeedBrewer.

About two years ago, we wrote up an idea for how to leverage standardized Web content to create locally-targeted publications with less time, money and software than ever before. The technology and content would be digital, but the output would be optimized for physical distribution as printable PDF magazines. That concept became Printcasting and it earned us a Knight News Challenge grant.

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