FeedBrewer and The Founder Institute

We've been honored by having co-founder and CEO Dan Pacheco admitted to The Founder Institute. The Founder Institute is a prestigious four-month program that will help us fine-tune our ideas in preparation for pitching to investors. It's an intensive program that includes mentoring by successful tech CEOs, and company-building exercises with other new founders in the Denver area.

As a first assignment, we've been asked to run three of our best ideas by 10 people. Since you're interested in what we're doing at FeedBrewer, we want to come to you first. These informal interviews will take only 30 minutes, and can be done by phone, e-mail, chat, in person -- or whatever you're most comfortable with. The objective is to give us frank feedback on our ideas so that we can make them better (or if they're really bad, just flat out kill them).

The only hitch: all of the interviews need to be done by Tuesday, May 11 (gulp!) So we have to line them up quickly. If you would like to help us in this way, please either e-mail Dan Pacheco at dan@feedbrewer.net, or send your information in the Contact Form. Thanks in advance for your help!