FeedBrewer Donates Equity to Knight Media Innovation Fund, Plans eBook Publishing Feature

(Broomfield, Colo. June 18, 2010) The team that built the open-source Printcasting tools has created a new company, FeedBrewer, Inc., that will expand the democratized print-publishing approach of Printcasting to mobile devices and eReaders. Its first product, BookBrewer, will help online publishers make money from their content by selling it as electronic books. The company will also provide custom development services for companies and non-profits and continue to maintain the free Printcasting.com service.

Printcasting, which is now available as an open-source download at Drupal.org, was built with the help of an $837,000 Knight News Challenge grant in 2007. In recognition of the help the Knight Foundation provided in the past, FeedBrewer Inc. will donate 6% of its corporate stock to a Knight Media Innovation Fund that Knight Foundation has set up at the Dade Community Foundation.

"We recognize the unique role that philanthropy played in our development. By donating a percentage of our new company to this new fund, we'll be paying that good fortune forward and helping Knight Foundation develop other innovative products that meet the ever increasing information needs of communities," said Pacheco.

Pacheco said that eBooks and other mobile content are a natural evolution for Printcasting. Thanks to the success of the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, the electronic book market is growing at a fast clip. Analysts expect eBooks to make up $6 billion of the $20 billion annual U.S. book market by 2012. This opens the potential for online publishers – including 130 million blogs and 400 million Facebook users – to make money off carefully selected collections of their best posts and photos.

"As the authors of Printcasting, which turns anyone into a magazine publisher in minutes, we’re uniquely positioned to help publishers in the next big transition to eBooks and mobile,” said Dan Pacheco, FeedBrewer’s Founder and CEO.

The new FeedBrewer tools will plug into the recently open-sourced Printcasting modules. FeedBrewer will still provide a printable PDF output, but will add additional templates for eBook stores and leading mobile platforms.

“All of these new outputs will be automatically created for the publisher, based on the design and content choices they make in FeedBrewer,” said Pacheco. “Content will feed in, and beautifully designed experiences will flow out. Publishers will simply need to check a box to turn a new output on or off. They won’t need to worry about formatting everything separately for print, online, mobile or eBooks.”

In the same light, FeedBrewer will continue Printcasting’s tradition of providing a base level of its functionality for free. And while enhanced features and customization will be available for a fee, it will offer non-profits discounted rates.

FeedBrewer is also providing paid custom development services that leverage the Printcasting infrastructure and the open-source Drupal platform.

The Bakersfield Californian, which provided additional funding to Printcasting, will also be receiving an equity stake, and it has signed on as FeedBrewer’s first paying customer.

“We're thrilled to be a part of FeedBrewer's mission to reach new audiences in new ways,” said Ginger Moorhouse, publisher of The Bakersfield Californian, a test bed for Printcasting. “In an age of growing market niches and rapidly changing consumer expectations, it's important to have publishing tools that are not only powerful but cost effective and easy to use.”

What sets Printcasting apart from other content management systems and frameworks is how it separates traditional publishing roles into component parts. Content can be fed into the system from RSS feeds, which most content management systems can easily create.

“This means content people can focus on content, while design people focus on design. That makes it an ideal tool for the millions of companies and organizations that are trying to publish more content – whether online or in print – with the same or fewer resources," Pacheco said.

Contact: Dan Pacheco, CEO, FeedBrewer Inc. (303) 945-3827 / news@feedbrewer.net

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