At FeedBrewer, Inc., we do more than turn your content into print and digital products. We also provide technology, design and strategy services to media companies and non-profits.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in a variety of areas, including traditional media, online product development, standards-driven design and social media strategy. Our current development work utilizes the open-source Drupal framework, but we're flexible and nimble enough to work with other digital platforms.

What do you need someone to brew up for you? Let us know and maybe we can help.

Technology Development

  • Customized Printcasting & FeedBrewer Installations
    Add publish-once, distribute-everywhere functionality to your existing Web site with your own design, branding and URL.
  • Custom Drupal Development
    Leverage the expertise of our development team and contacts to create compelling new functionality for sites running on the open-source Drupal framework. If you're looking to move your existing site to Drupal, we can help with that, too.
  • Deployment and Hosting
    Need help with setting up or finding the right hosting solution for your FeedBrewer or Drupal sites? We can help you choose the right server platform and hosting provider to meet your performance and uptime goals - from low-traffic single server setups, to enterprise-level high-availability platforms.

Design Consulting

  • Drupal Themeing
    Leveraging the power of Drupal's theming engine, we can create powerful and compelling user experiences for both new and existing sites.
  • Standards-Driven Design
    Our designers use web standards such as Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) for everything, ensuring maximum flexibility for your Web site over time. We can also provide cross-platform designs for portability to mobile phones, tablets and other platforms as they become available.
  • Printcasting Templates
    If you're trying to make your Printcasting publications stand out, consider working with the team that invented Printcasting to create custom layouts that speak to your unique needs.


Strategic Consulting

  • Product Strategy
    Need help mapping out your interactive media strategy? Dan Pacheco has done this for both big and small companies alike for over 15 years, often to critical acclaim. Work with Pacheco and his network of experts to identify unmet needs and craft solutions that help you increase audience engagement and grow revenue.
  • Conceptual Prototyping
    After analyzing your needs, we can provide clickable conceptual prototypes and presentations for new products and solutions. Protyping is not only a great way to build concensus within a larger organization, it also helps you create the right experience from Day 1.
  • Product Management
    Once you have a concept, you need to translate it into functional requirements that developers can follow. We can write Product Requirements Documents, Functional Specifications and Use Cases that you can hand off to any developer, or as a guide for FeedBrewer developers.
  • Social Media Marketing
    We know better than anyone how to promote a new or existing product in the social sphere. From blogging to Twitter to Facebook fan pages, we can craft and execute a strategy that ensures that your product is known, loved and used every day.


Don't see the service you were looking for?  Let us know the specifics and we'll tell you how we can help!